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Toerails are an important safety feature in that they keep one from easily sliding off deck into the water. The following details my efforts to install toerails.

I decided to steam mahogany to make it easier to bend. Here is my steambox that I built from materials I had on hand.


I put nails in at a specified spacing from the edge to act as a jig for bending the wood. The intent is that the wood would become easy to bend and hold in place.

The wood seemed to be easier to bend after steaming for about one hour.


This short piece is the after toerail. I divided the toerails into forward and aft sections with a small gap in the middle to allow water to run off. This piece proved to be too stiff even after considerable steaming so I had to make a jig for it. I heard cracking sounds as I forced the wood to conform.

Here is the wood after being allowed to dry for two days. It has almost total springback.


I went ahead with gluing the strip to the hull. I set screws about every eight inches. I countersunk and bunged the screws.

The after rubrails take a tighter turn. I'm thinking I will saw some laminations this weekend and glue them up. I will finish up by sawing the bungs flush, trimming, sanding, and finishing as usual. I will paint them bright.