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Just been doing strip planking since last web publish. Here I've reached the half way mark.

In summary here are the guidelines I have developed for strip planking.

  1. Bevel the edges of each plank before nailing it on.
  2. Use the scarf joint instead of a butt joint. It looks nicer and works better.
  3. Spread epoxy on both mating surfaces before placing the new strip.
  4. For each new layer of strips, make sure the joints are between a different set of frames than the strip below it.
  5. Try to avoid putting a joint at a sharper bending area such as between frames 4 and 4a.
  6. Avoid laying on more than 2 or 3 strips on a side in a day.
  7. Fit the strip next to the frame. Don't use screws to force it to after nailing on.