I just finished gluing and fastening the number 0 bulkhead. As soon as it's dry I will trim and dress the corners.

I cut the inner stem and stern post from some southern yellow pine stock. Each is made up to be 3" thick.

In order to set up the stem and stern posts and insure they are in the right orientation, the best way is to attach a substantial foot to them. As shown in the plans this foot will take bolts through the keel and keelson. Here I'm gluing this foot to the stem. My first attempt involved gluing the foot from two pieces of 2x4 and gluing it to the stem at the same time.

After the glue dried on the stem, I discovered the foot was pointing off center by half an inch at the bitter end. To fix this, I sawed it off parallel to the straight side of the stem, and dressed the joint to be absolutely square. I clamped and glued things up again, this time checking everything with a straight edge. Another problem was the number of voids in the joint epoxy when it cured. I remedied this by using thickened epoxy this time. The lesson learned is to glue one joint at a time.