I added this ledge to the galley piece in order to secure it to the chine later on.

An important step in constructing the centerboard trunk is to fiberglass the interior. This will reduce water penetration into the wood. I plan to not seal up the inside of the cabin with epoxy. The idea is to allow the wood to breathe and avoid having the wood get saturated if there's a leak somewhere. The next day I laid fiberglass cloth in the other side of the centerboard trunk. The procedure is to wet the plywood with epoxy. Next I place the fiberglass cloth on the epoxy and smooth it out. Then I spread more epoxy until the cloth is completely wetted out. It takes about 1.5 oz of epoxy to coat the centerboard trunk (7 sq feet). Then about 8 oz to wet out the cloth. I then let it cure and watch it carefully for places where the cloth bubbles up or separates from the wood.