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Thought for the day: the severity of a problem is how long you stew about it.

Various other things have slowed construction somewhat including work on the house, various trips and other matters to attend to. Here is progress made over the last 6 weeks or so.

Here the 5 pieces are all nicely scarfed and dressed, ready to glue together.


I glued up the mast in stages over a two week period. It's just too ambitious to try to glue it all at once; there is a risk of the wood slipping as the epoxy hardens, ruining the work.

Here are three scarfs. I staggered each layer so the scarfs would be spread out.


The end showing how the layers are glued.

Here I've rounded the mast somewhat. I knocked off the corners with a tablesaw to make 8 sides, then used a belt sander to make passes to knock off the 8 corners. There is still some ways to go, maybe with a mast lathe. At this point I found a good vendor of spruce masts on the web.


Strip planking has reached this point as of tonight. I should be starting to meet the sheer this weekend.