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At this point I'm in the process of fairing the bottom. All the bulkheads are complete and ready to fair as well. When I dry fitted the bulkheads I noticed the bottom amidships was a bit too narrow. I glued in this filler to try to compensate.

This is the bottom of the stern. The sternpost is faired along with the after portion of the bottom.

Here is a first cut of fairing the stem. Due to the shape of frame #0 some thinking is required to figure out just how the topsides are to be shaped at the bow. Some more fairing is in store here.

Recently in the process of fairing my belt sander developed a problem where by it stayed switched on all the time. It was harder to handle the sander and potentially dangerous. This morning I took it apart to fix the problem. I cleaned out some sawdust from the inside of the handle. Then I plugged it in to test. The switch immediately spurted out flames. As this is a quick way to end the boat construction and possibly the house I will be shopping for a replacement.