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I've started several tasks this week, the idea being that I can work on them individually as time and materials permit. If one gets held up, I can work on some others. Everything gets done eventually.

Here is the centerboard cutouts - 4 pieces of 3/8" plywood.

Editors note: pls make sure to note that the centerboard width increases from 16" at the pivot hole to 17" at the bottom or aft end.


Ditto for the rudder. Notice that this is according to the latest revisions of the Elver design, not the flat hulled version as "Daniel G" is. After an inquiry to the designer, he emphatically stated that this is the type of rudder to build and use as it is more efficient.

Here I'm gluing up two of the pieces. I am doing this in pairs in order to assure the quality of the glue joint.

The plans call for some metal to be built into the centerboard to weigh it down so it will sink when deployed. I went to the scrap metal place to get it. As I walked in the main gate there were some trucks coming in, loaded with scrap metal. One guy joked "Sir, they don't take scrap people here". I thought that was pretty funny.


I am constructing the rudder the same way but it does not need any metal to weight it down.

Today I started strip planking. I needed daylight to be sure of seeing what I was doing at this critical early stage. Tomorrow I will put four strips on the other side. I had some gaps between the chine log and the cedar strips. I filled it with epoxy. It will soak into any gaps in the strips. It may even leak some epoxy. This is much preferred to leaking water when I launch her.

Right now it looks a bit messy, with epoxy dribbles and smears all over it. Once it all has dried, I will be using a belt sander and a longboard to fair it.


Here I've pulled a strip out a bit so it lines up with the one below it. I held off on putting a screw here as there will be a screw near this point from the plank to go on top of it.

At the rate I'm going, I should be able to get the four strips on tomorrow, then I will put one or two strips each side per night that I work on it. About 50 strips are required for each side. Hopefully there will be lots more of 70 degree highs like we're having now.