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Between the holidays and the cold things have slowed down on construction. But I'm still doing a few things.

Here is the mizzen mast step built and installed according to plans. If there is anywhere that I am not making builder modifications it is in the sailplan or the hull shape. The weight difference from the mods that I have made is also very small and should not affect performance.


I found a couple of clean two by fours and ripped them down to start a 2 1/2" diameter mast pole according to the plans. It felt just slightly damp from being outside though under cover so it never got rained on or wet. So I brought it inside to dry out for a few days. I will then glue these together. I also ripped some wood out for the main mast but it seems to have more knots in it. I set it aside to ponder what I will do. I'm thinking of some sort of lamination to spread these knots out.